Daba St. George’s Church is located in Borjomi municipality in the village of Daba. The Church in Daba is one of the ancient and the strongest churches of Georgia. It is sheltered in the dense forest and is not visible from the road. The church is covered halfway by a cave. This temple is a characteristic monument of Georgian architecture of the XIV century. It was built in 1333 by “Molaretukhutsesi” during the reign of George V the brilliant. The carved inscription on the west wall says that the Daba church was built by the head of royal treasury of George V the Brilliant.

The temple with numerous ornaments is especially noticeable. The church is a hall type. It has two entrances, from the north and the west. The first entrance is simple and the second with its pane is decorated with ornaments and an arch frame.

There is a legend, according to which doors were made for the church over several times but with no result, as they were always fell down.

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