Amazing impressions left on tourists “Eiffel bridge in Borjomi”, build on light narrow-gauge railroad of Borjomi-Bakuriani. Borjomi ravine was of special interest due it resort conditions and famous mineral water “Borjomi”. Romanov’s build railway point Khashuri-Borjomi for commercial purposes from natural resources of Borjomi. Eiffel Bridge ordered in France by Mikhail Romanov to Gustav Eiffel, French engineer-constructor and bridge builder, author of famous “Eiffel tower” in Paris.

Construction started in 1897 on the river Tsemistskali. Due to difficult climate conditions, construction lasts four years. Constructor Bessarioni Keburia did bridge assembling. The first “dolly” went through the light narrow-gauge railroad line of Borjomi-Bakurini since January of 1902. It serves amateurs of ski sport and tourist up to now. Railway Engine “Porter” was brought from England in order to move up the mountainous regions. Open type cabins connected to railway engine edged by hand railings. Electric locomotive replaced steam loco since 1967.

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